Frequently asked questions

I need to iron my personal laundry, what should I do?

You can bring the laundry personally or book the picking up by our staff by phone.

How long does it take to perform my order?

Standard delivery time is within 24 hours without price surcharge, eventually according to agreement.

Is the delivery included in the price of order?

The price of delivery depends on the distance. The price in Bratislava is determined according to localities.

I need to wash my laundry, too. Is that possible?

Yes, laundry washing is one of our standard services.

Is the amount of laundry limited somehow to be accepted?

No, it is up to the customer to decide how much laundry he/she needs our service for.

Is it necessary to mark the laundry?

No, it is not necessary, each order is done individually.

Do I need a special cover for laundry delivery?

There is no problem at all with the customer having his/her own cover but we can also provide our own covers free of charge for delivering the order.

Interesting issues

Who and when invented the electric iron?

H.Selly 1882 USA

Who and when invented the steam iron with thermo regulation?

E. Schneyer 1938 USA

Who produced the first steam iron?

Dry Cleaners Eldec Company 1926 New York

When did people start to use an iron?

The Chinese started to iron silk in 8th century.

Which types of iron existed?

Gas irons, alcohol irons, coal irons, electric irons, steam iron machines.

How long does it take to iron a man shirt?

8 minutes

What is to be done with the burnt surface of the iron?

Turn the iron on maximum and clean it with wet cloth.

What to do if you do not like ironing?

Make some coffee and call Ironing service Naja.

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